Add User on Sing up for Advisors

We have introduced a new feature for the Advisors to add a business user with required access rights at the time of setting up the business. Once you log in to Surf Accounts, as an Advisor this feature will allow you to add the registered or non- registered business user.

Please note, this feature is only available for the advisors.

To access the feature you need to select the add business option.


Select ‘Add’ button from the Business page, the new Business Setup page will appear on the screen. In the Business Setup pop up enter the following details.

  • Business Name: Enter the name of the business you want to add.
  • Type of Business: Select the type of the business by using the drop down menu. Select the appropriate type of the business, i.e. Company or Sole trader or Partnership. 
  • Chart of Accounts: Select the Chart of Accounts from the drop down as Surfaccounts Standard. If you wish to copy the Chart of Account from any of your existing business, select that from the drop down.  
  • Country of the Business: Select the country of the business by using the drop down. For Irish Business select the country as Ireland. For the UK and South African business, select the country as UK and South Africa respectively. For rest of the country select ‘Other’.  
  • VAT Registration: Select the VAT status of your business by using the drop down. VAT Registered, Not VAT Registered and VAT Exempt are the 3 available options. Please note, while selecting VAT Exempt you must ensure that your business is exempt from VAT by the concerned authority. 
  • Forename: Enter the forename of the invited user. This is a new field added in Surf Accounts. 
  • Surname: Enter the surname of the invited user. This is a new field added in Surf Accounts. Please note the forename and the surname are not a mandatory field. 
  • E-mail Address: You must enter the appropriate email address of the invited user. The invited user will receive an email a link with forename and surname if entered. 
  • Permissions: Under the ‘Permissions’ option, select the tick boxes you want to give access to the invited user.

By selecting the ‘Next’ option you will be redirected to the Plan selection page. Select the ‘Plan’ from Business Setup page as per your business requirement. 

After finalising the “Business Plan”, you will be redirected to the “Payment Preferences” page. Select the “Payment Method” by using the drop down. Choose the frequency of the ‘Plan’.

By selecting ‘Next’ button, the Business Payment page will appear and an auto-generated receipt will be populated on the screen. 

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