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We have introduced a new feature to company branded email where Company logo as well as the Surf Accounts logo will be simultaneously available on all outgoing e-mails. This feature is only applicable to the ‘Advisor’ having signed up organisation facility within Surf Accounts.


Please note, Co-Branding feature is only applicable when the business has a Sign up Organisation ID of an Advisor organisation that required co-branding.

Both the logos, i.e. the logo of Surf Accounts and the Organisation logo will be mailed.

See below:


Co-branded E-mails option is only applicable to business-specific emails like adding a new business, inviting an user, deleting an existing business, Recent New Demo, Expiring Demo Business, Inactive Demo Business, Recent Live Business, Inactive Live Business, Unused Live Business, Removed Delivery Reminder mails.

It does not include any transaction related mails and user-specific ones for e.g. forgot password etc.

This new feature does include inviting a new user to that business.

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