Split option on Bank Feed Import

We have introduced a new feature to ‘Split’ the bank feed entry. You may receive a bank feed file consisting of numerous cheques. To split a particular lodgement consisting of multiple cheques we have introduced the option to ‘Split’ the bank feed entry.

See below:

Before you split the Ref No, Notes, Customer/ Supplier, Payment, Receipt, VAT code, VAT amount and the Nominal code will be shown as per the statement you have imported into Surf Accounts.
The split transaction will be saved when the unallocated amount in the ‘Split’ dialogue box equals to zero. 

See below:

After saving the ‘Split’ dialogue box the bank feed import dialogue box which originally has different values in Ref. No. column, VAT Code column and Nominal Code or Account code column will show as split.

The “Payment Type” can be selected from the main Bank Feed dialogue.

See below:

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