Multiple attachments on emailed invoices

Multiple attachments on emailed invoices

We have introduced a new feature to attach a PDF of Invoice / Quotes/ Orders in the email.  To access this feature in Surf Accounts go to Settings >Email > Email Template the following screen will appear.


To attach the invoice you must tick the “Attach Invoice” option. The PDF can be attached from both the inline Email option as well as from the print preview.

  • Attach PDF from the Inline Email option: 

You can attach Invoice in PDF Format by selecting the inline ‘Email’ option from the invoice browse as shown below.

By selecting the inline ‘Email’ option the following screen will appear with the attached PDF as shown below.
  • Attach PDF from Print option: 

You can attach PDF from the Print Preview. To attach the PDF select the ‘Print’ option from the browse. The print preview will give an option to ‘Email’ the same as shown below.

By selecting the ‘Email’ option from the print preview the following screen will appear to attach the PDF while sending the email.

Please note, you can also select the ‘Print’ inline menu, which will open the print preview of the selected invoice along with the ‘Email’ option.

This new option of attaching PDF with the mail is now available for Sales Invoice, Sales Credit Note, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Credit Note, Quotes, Orders, and Receipts.

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