Surf Accounts update for May 2017

Monthly Update
May 2017

We would like to thank all the new business signups this month for joining our growing community of Surfers! If you have anything you would like to see added or improved in Surf Accounts, please drop us a line.


What's new?

We are delighted to announce that the May release of Surf Accounts is now live for you to use. We have added a number of features based on your feedback.

  • You can now add multiple attachments to your emailed invoices, including a PDF of the invoice itself!
  • You can get details of outstanding transactions on your aged customer and supplier reports.
  • You can have multiple stores in your stock control.
  • RCT rates are now applied upon payment/receipt instead of invoice.
  • You can quickly group lodgements in Quick Receipts.
  • Report improvements include a backing report on the Return of Trading Details, TB of a "future" year may now include "Current" year values, and the inclusion of divisions in customer/supplier listings.

Multiple stock stores

For businesses that use stock control and have multiple store rooms or warehouses, we have added a new feature that allows you to control the stock in each Store.  Goods may be dispatched from or received into any of the stores that have been set up, and stock may be transferred between those Stores. 


Email Invoice PDF

When emailing invoices etc, you may now include a PDF attachment of the document as well as the normal link to view it online.

This is enabled in the Email template settings, and then the PDF attachment can be included or excluded on each individual email sent.


Multiple attachments on emailed invoices

You can now add multiple attachments to emailed invoices etc.

These can be added at an email template level, so that they are on all emails, or individually on each email sent.


Detailed Aged Customers and Suppliers

The Aged Customer Balances and Aged Supplier Balances reports have a new Advanced selection, Show Detailed Breakdown.

When this is selected, the report will show the transactions that make up any outstanding balances. 


RCT changes

RCT rates set by Revenue are now applied when adding Payments / Receipts.

Enhanced Lodgements in Quick Receipts

When adding multiple Quick Receipts, you can add your Lodgement number for a batch, click "Save and New" to move on to your next lodgement batch. This speeds up entering multiple lodgements.


Return of Trading Details

When running the Return of Trading Details report, you now have the option of seeing just the RTD values or including a backing report of what transactions make up the figures.


Future Year Reporting 

Viewing a future year's TB may give misleading values, since the current year has not yet been closed off.  To cater for this, we have added an option to show values as if the current year had been closed off.


Splits in Bank Feeds

When importing Bank Feeds, you can now split lodgements and enter their individual receipts.


We hope you enjoy the new features in this new version and if you have any further enhancements you would like to see in the product please drop me a line. Enjoy surfing!

Chief Executive Officer

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