Division and Sub Division in Recurring Invoice



The new feature of Division and sub division can now be used for the Recurring Invoice. You can set the division and sub division in the Recurring Invoice Template from the transaction line. After opening the Recurring Invoice Template enter all the required transaction information. A new column has been introduced beside “Net Amount’ as Division and Sub Division if it is set for your business.



By default the Division and Sub Division will appear in the transaction line as set in the Customer Contact Browse. Now if you wish to change the Division and Subdivision simply use the drop down button of the respective columns. For e.g. here the customer division is set as IE and Sub division as SL. For multiple invoices if you need to change the Division and Sub Division use the drop down and select the appropriate Division and Sub Division.


Preview of Recurring Invoice after Generating the Recurring Invoice

After generating the Recurring Invoice the following screen will appear. The division and sub division remains the same as it was set before from the recurring template.


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