Customisation of logo upload in Template Set


You can upload a different logo for different template set. Each Template Set is consisting of 10 different templates. For e.g. Quotation Template, Sales order Template, Sales Invoice Template and so on.

In a single template set, you can upload the logo in two ways. Choose your desired logo to upload into the template in the same set. While uploading the logo a confirmation message will appear on the screen to confirm that you want to update the same logo in all the template of the same template set.

For Details see below:


By selecting ‘Yes’ the same logo will be updated in all the templates of the same template set (For e.g. Template Set 1). By selecting ‘No’ the logo will be uploaded in the specific template (For e.g. here Quotation Template).

So now you have an option to update different logo for different template in different template set.

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