Change template set from the print preview


Surf Accounts team has enhanced a feature where you can change the template set from the print preview of all the templates. To change the template set from the preview select Print Preview from the transaction browse and select Print Preview the following screen will appear. Select the desired template and select save. The selected template will be saved and the preview will be changed as per the template settings. To select the desired template set select Template the following screen will appear to View/ Edit Template Used.  Select from the drop down to choose the template set. 


Please Note: From the preview, if you change the Template set, the same will be updated in the transaction browse. For e.g. in the transaction browse the template set is set to template set2. From the preview page if you change the template set to the template set 1, in the transaction page the “Template Set in Use” will be changed to Template set 1 accordingly.


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