User-defined fields in Invoice body with customise column


We have introduced a new option as “Invoice Column Setup” to customise the invoice. This allows you to customise the invoice input, reorganising the column layout to bring the most-used fields to the fore and relegating seldom used fields to the "Advanced" pop-up.


Before you customise the invoice column select the Transaction Other Information under Invoicing / Print Template, the following screen will appear.


Sequence 1.

» If the “Show On” option is selected as “Grid” the column will be displayed as a grid as follows.


In the above-mentioned figure, the captions “Delivery mode” and “Serial No” is displayed in the browser as a grid.

Sequence 2.

» If the “Show On” option is selected as “Advanced” the column will be displayed as a grid as follows.


To access Invoice Column Setup select Settings »Invoicing/ Print Templates » Invoice Column Setup the following screen will appear.


Please note, the maximum width (pixel) which can be accommodated within the invoice browse is 920 pixels. The highlighted bottom two columns have been added from “Transaction Other Information” and the “Show On” option has been selected as “Grid”. While invoicing if you wish to display please ensure that the check boxes are checked. In case of non- disclosure of the columns please uncheck the boxes apart from the system reserved one.

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