Surf Accounts update for November 2014

Monthly Update
November 2014

We would like to thank all the new business signups this month for joining our growing community of Surfers! If you have anything you would like to see added or improved in Surf Accounts, please drop us a line.


What's new?

We are delighted to announce that the November release of Surf Accounts is now live for you to use. We have added some big and small features based on your feedback.  We have introduced a considerable change that allows you to setup Divisions and Sub divisions to classify costs, expenses and profit centers.  We have also added the facility to design and customise multiple invoice and order templates.


A request for Gross to Net on invoice inputs has been answered and is now a feature. We hope you enjoy this update and we are all ready busy on the next update.

Divisions and Sub divisions

Compare and contrast different parts of your business by categorising income and costs. If you have for example two shops in a town and they are under the same company, this would allow you to get a clear picture of each shop as well as the overall business.

Multiple Templates

Surf Accounts now supports multiple print templates. You can now have three different invoice, orders and statement designs. A number of users wanted to be able to switch template for certain customers depending on what products they ordered. The new templates allow you to default in an invoice template onto a client but change it on any given invoice created.

Flexibility on Invoice Templates

You can now resize columns on the Invoice templates as well as define the order in which they appear. You can also centre align logo on the page which was not allowed before.

Gross to Net

On the Quick Entry of Invoices/Credit Notes, we have added the facility to enter gross values instead of net values. This means that the Net and VAT amounts will be back calculated automatically. This is not a default option; go to Accounts Setup to turn this on.

Budget columns in "P&L and Balance Sheet" report

Budget columns have been added in P/L and Balance sheet report to facilitate comparison of the budgeted and actual cost of each nominal account.

Default Quantity on Invoicing

This option will help speed up the input of invoice lines. Previously Surf Accounts had a default of zero instead of one for quantity when you selected a product line. You can now define the default quantity as one and it will auto appear for every product.

Ref. No. Added To Invoice List

If you add details into the Ref. No. field on an invoice and you want this information to appear on the invoice list you can now get it displaying after the customer name. Simply go to Accounts Setup and tick the box. This can be very useful for cash customer account where you want some initial of reference for one off individuals showing on an overall cash customer account.

User-defined Chart of Accounts

Accountants and advisors can now re-use a Chart of Accounts structure from an existing business when you are setting a new one up. This is very helpful for accountants who want to create a default master chart of accounts and roll that out to all their Surf Accounts customers.

Hide zeros on invoices

While printing invoices, you can now hide the 0.00 and print blank spaces instead. Invoice templates have an option to suppress zeros at the print level.

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