Surf Accounts update for May 2014


Monthly Update
May 2014

What's new?

Our team has been working on improving the service as well as adding a host of new features and functions.

This new release will contain two major new features. The first is Stock Control and the second is CSV Bank Statement Imports. This version will also contain a host of new smaller enhancements based on user feedback.

New Features



We have extended our ordering system to now maintain and control stock levels. This is a simple goods management system which will work well for most small businesses.


Bank Imports

Reduce manual work by importing bank receipts and payments. Simply import your CSV file and it will display all your transactions, check their details and click import. You can decide how much you want to import. The import allows you to set rules for customers and suppliers and it will remember these rules for future imports.



Surfaccounts will now manage and control your reporting of VIES and INTRASTAT. These are vitally important for trade reconciliations with the EU and reporting to Revenue.


Manage Your Account

Manage your subscription including payment plan, credit card details and print invoices from one option. 


Trial Blank Data

We now provide an option to use your own blank trial data as part of a new demo signup. You also have the demo data as well as your own blank data.


Invoice Enhancements

With users raising thousands of invoices through Surfaccounts everyday we have focused on this area to add some important new features.


Allows you to upload scanned images or PDF's for any transaction so you have a record of the original document. Ideal for purchase invoices, expenses etc.

Add Multiple Orders to one invoice

Simply select a group of quotes and orders and populate a single invoice. The invoice reference will show the quote/order reference associated with the product line.

Several reports have been enhanced to display margins along with the markup.
  Copy Invoice

Does what is says on the tin, copy an existing invoice to a new or existing customer, great time saver.

Price History

Click a button to see a history of the price and markup you have applied on a product to a customer.

Purchase Invoice

As you order goods from suppliers, sometimes prices can change, you can now update the product item as you process purchase orders.

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