Surf Accounts update for September 2016

Monthly Update
September 2016

We would like to thank all the new business signups this month for joining our growing community of Surfers! If you have anything you would like to see added or improved in Surf Accounts, please drop us a line.


What's new?

We are delighted to announce that the September release of Surf Accounts is now live for you to use. We have added a number of features based on your feedback.  We have introduced a considerable change that allows you to setup RCT / CIS for both Ireland and UK based business respectively. We have also introduced Intrastat feature for Irish Business only, which will allow you to create the Intrastat report in CSV format to submit it to Revenue Online Services.

Plan Upgrade, Notify in Transactions, Calculate Net to Gross in Non-Supplier Payment and the Non Customer Receipt are the new features introduced in this version based on user feedback. We hope you enjoy this update and we are already busy on the next update.


RCT / CIS for Ireland and UK based business 

We have introduced the Relevant Contract Tax (RCT) for Ireland business and Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) for the UK business in Surf Accounts. 

Under these schemes, a principal enters into a relevant contract with a subcontractor.  When a subcontractor bills their customer (the Principal, or Main Contractor), they get paid part of the total.  The remainder is considered paid, but is in fact retained by the customer to pay tax on behalf of the subcontractor.  Both parties record this fact on their VAT returns.


Intrastat Export

We have introduced a new function which will allow you to create the Intrastat report in CSV format to submit it to Revenue Online Services.  While generating Intrastat you will have two new options, to create Imports or Exports in a CSV file. 


Notify in Transaction from Product Browse

Adding an alert while creating an invoice with a particular product (for e.g., to remind yourself of special offers) may be achieved with this function.


Calculate Net to Gross in Non -Supplier Payment and Non-Customer Receipt 

We have added a new feature to calculate the Net amount to the Gross Amount of Non-Supplier Payment and the Non Customer Receipt. To access this new feature go to Settings, and click on Accounts Setup. Under Non-Supplier Payment, you may now select “Calculate Gross amount from Net”. The same option is available for Non-Customer Receipts.


We hope you enjoy the new features in this new version and if you have any further enhancements you would like to see in the product please drop me a line. Enjoy surfing!

Chief Executive Officer

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