Default Quantity on Invoicing


Adding product details in invoice line is made simpler. You can now define the default quantity that will appear in the product line automatically while you add a product detail. Simply define the quantity as 1 within settings, if you wish to add a non- zero product sale in your invoice.


Setting up Default Quantity

To set up default quantity for detailed product invoices; go to Settings Tab. Select Accounts» Setup option. Setup popup appears.


At the bottom right corner of the popup select from the drop down option ‘Invoice Default Quantity’ desired default quantity. Options are either 0 or 1. 0 is the default quantity. Now, as you add a detailed invoice, the product quantity will automatically appear as selected in setup. Below is the picture of an invoice where quantity appears as 1 automatically as product is selected from look up as is already defined within setup.


Accountants and advisors can now re-use a Chart of Accounts structure from an existing business when you are setting a new one up. This is very helpful for accountants who want to create a default master chart of accounts and roll that out to all their Surf Accounts customers.

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