User Defined Chart of Accounts


To add an existing structure of Chart of Accounts into a new business, select the business type and locale from the business page after adding name and address details to it as below:


The Chart of Accounts selection have "Surf Accounts Standard" as the first (default) option, and also populated with other businesses which the user has a login to, and are the same type as the selected Business Type.

For a new user who doesn't have a login to any of the businesses of the selected type, the entire Chart of Account s section is hidden.

Once the business type is selected Surf Accounts lists the list of Chart of Accounts structure under the same business type to you. If you have already designed your structure in another business select desired structure by clicking on Chart of Accounts option, or select Surf Accounts Standard ( chart of Accounts option) to create a new structure as below.


Once the dataset is being created, if the user has selected a business as the source for their Chart of Accounts, the structure of the nominal codes and nominal groups from that business (omitting any balances of course) is copied in to the newly created business instead of our standard source. The default posting codes from the selected business is also copied.

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