Line By Line Save Option In Invoice




We have introduced a new option in the ‘Account Setup’ where you can select ‘Allow Line by Line in Save in Invoice’ which will allow to save the record without selecting ‘Save’.  In case while entering the record within Surf Accounts if the connection get lost due to any reason the last record you have entered will be auto save. This will reduce the rework and save time of the user.

In order to enable this feature select Settings » Accounts »Setup the following screen will appear.


                                                     Select the check box to introduced to save the line by line in Invoice

By selecting the option ‘Allow Line by Line Save in Invoice’ will enable the feature of auto save on the fly.

This feature has been introduced in Sales and Purchase Quote and Order, Detail Invoice and Credit Note.

See below:


                                                               Invoice Line auto saved without clicking on the ‘Save’ button.

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