Getting Started Guide - General Settings


General Settings contains your Businesses Contact information; these details will be printed on all invoices, credit notes, quotes and orders. To access General Settings choose Settings »General Setup » Business Details. The following screen will appear.




Business Name

Enter the Name of the Business.


This refers to the location of the   Business. It is used to dictate (in conjunction with the Business Type) the   Chart of Accounts, the VAT Codes and the Currency. This is read only and cannot be changed.

Business Type

This refers to the structure of Business i.e. whether it   is a Company, Partnership or Sole Trader. It is used to dictate (in   conjunction with the Location) the Chart of Accounts. This is read only and cannot be changed.


Enter the Address of the Business,   not including the Town, County, Post Code and Country as they have their own   fields.


Enter the Town of the Business.


Enter the County of the Business.

Post Code

Enter the Post Code of the Business.


Enter the Country of the Business,   this is different from the location, the location will not appear on any printed invoices etc.


Enter the Phone Number of the Business.


Enter the Mobile Number of the Business;   this is used as the default mobile number for all SMS Messaging.


Enter the website of the Business.

Accounts Email

Enter the E-mail address from   which you wish all accounting e-mails to come from including Invoices and   Statements. If this is left blank the e-mail address of the logged in user is   used.

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