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There are two ways of setting up Customers, firstly by using the main Contacts option and secondly setting them up on-the-fly while posting Invoices. Using the main Contacts option it allows you to enter in more details on the Customer including Credit Control information, Contact Information and other miscellaneous details. Using the popup option in the Invoice only allows for the very basic details to be entered. To access Contacts simply select Contact from the main menu and the following screen will appear.


To add a new Customer click the Add Button and the following screen will appear.


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The selection of Business or Individual dictates how the name of the Customer will be input, for a business there is a single name field whereas for an Individual the name is broken up into four fields being title, forename, surname and suffix.


The Type refers to whether the contact is a Customer, Prospect, Supplier or just a General Contact.

Customer Name

Enter in the name of the Customer.

Contact Name

Enter in the main Contact for the Customer.


Enter in the main Contacts Position for example Managing Director.


Enter the Address of the Business, not including the Town, County, Post Code and Country as they have their own fields.


Enter the Town of the Business.


Enter the County of the Business.

Post Code

Enter the Post Code of the Business.


Enter the Country of the Customer, this is important for your VAT return as it will allow the system to differentiate between EU and Non-EU sales..


Enter in the Phone Number of the Customer

Direct Line

Enter in the Direct Phone Number of the Customer


Enter in the Fax Number of the Customer


Enter in the Mobile Number of the Customer. This will be the number that SMS messages will be sent to.


Enter in the E-Mail address of the Customer. This will be the address that Invoices and Statements will be sent to.

Skype ID

Enter in the Skype ID of the Customer


Enter in the Web Site of the Customer

Account Manager

Select the Staff Member from the Dropdown who is the Account Manager for this Customer.

Credit Terms

Select the Credit Terms for the Customer these are pre-defined as a number of days ranging from 0 to 180 in increments of 30 Days. This field is used to calculate the Payment Due Date on Invoices.

Send Statement

This allows you to decide when statements are sent, the settings are “Always”, “Not This Time” and “Never”.

Credit Limit

Enter the Customers Credit Limit.

Payment Terms

Enter in any Payment Terms the Customer may have, these can be printed on the Invoice.


Enter the Customers VAT Number.

VAT Exempt

Tick this box if the Customer is VAT Exempt. If they are Exempt the Exempt VAT Rate will be applied when posting Invoices.


Enter the Customers VAT Turnover.


Enter the Customers Number of Employees.


Enter the Customers Industry Sector.


Enter any details you want to describe the Customer.

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