Printing your first Invoice


To print your Invoice simply press the Print button from the Invoice/Credit Note Browse and the following screen will appear. From here you can decide to Print to PDF, or E-Mail the Invoice. Pressing the Print button will open the Invoice in your browsers PDF Viewer.


If you press the E-Mail Button the following screen will appear (The E-mail option does not attach a copy of the PDF it send a hyperlink which the customer can click to gain access to the Invoice and their ledger card). If you wish to attach a copy of the PDF use the save button to create the Invoice externally.


The popup shows an e-mail template.

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In Financial Settings there if an entry called Accounts E-Mail, if this is filled in then it will appear here, if not it will use the e-mail of the logged in user.


The “To” E-Mail will default to the Customer main e-mail address.


You can add in any additional email addresses to CC or BCC.


The Subject is automatically generates this as “Invoice [Number] from [Business Name]”


The details are created based on the Invoice E-Mail Template, this can be changed in Settings » Templates» E-Mail Templates


Press Send Button to Send E-mail

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