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Before you start to use Surf Accounts we recommend that you follow this getting started guide. The first step in this process is to review your Business Setup. When setting up your Business for the first time you were asked for some vital information about your Business. Before you proceed any further with the system, it is advised that you review these decisions to confirm that you are happy with them.

This document will go through how you can import your contacts into Surf Accounts. It will explain where to go in Surf Accounts to Import the data and it will explain what fields are mandatory to fill in to import your contacts.

You are also able to view our video on how to do this by clicking on the link provided. Watch Here

                                     To import your contacts you need to go into the Settings tab and then click on Import Data


Once you have clicked into Import Data, you will need to make your selection of what you would like to import.


Then you click on Next

You will then be brought to this screen

You can download the excel template by clicking on the blue text highlighted below.


Note:  The only way to import data is by using the template that we have created.

Once you click on the link to download the file it will look like this (below).


 Note:  The only mandatory fields you have to fill in are

  • ContactType (This will be either Customer/Supplier/Prospect or Contact)
  • BusinessIndividual (This can either be Business or Individual)
  • Surname (This is where you should enter the clients’ full name)


Once your file is saved and ready to import, you just have to click on Choose File.


 You then will be prompted with this screen and you just have to locate the file that you saved.


Once you have selected the file you just have to click on Import (Highlighted below).


It may take a minute to upload and you will then be presented with the following screen that the Contacts successfully imported.


 You are then able to locate your contacts within the Contacts tab.

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