Diary Settings


Diary appears in calendar format and is used to remind users of tasks, events, phone calls, to-do-notes, and meetings that need to be completed by a certain date. It reflects public holidays of a business based on the business location. Users can add other holidays as well in the diary. In Surf Accounts, Diary is aimed to reflect all staff meeting and holidays.  Business phone calls, notes and task appear in the side panel. 



Time Zone: Enter the time zone depending on the business location.


Working Day Start: Choose your working Day Start time from the drop down box e.g. you start work at 9 o'clock, make the choice of 9.


Working Day Finish: Choose your working Day Finish time from the drop down box e.g. you finish work at 6 o'clock, make the choice of 6.


Bank Holiday selection: Choose the Bank Holiday from the check box. Select the Country as per the business location. This will dictate the bank holidays in diary section of Surf Accounts. In the Diary section bank holidays will display the same time the activities will appear on the screen.  


Send reminders by: You can set meeting/task/holiday etc. reminders in the diary. The reminders can be received through Email and SMS. 

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