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Surf Accounts provides a facility to add information related to the Invoices. From the Invoice template user can customise the template of the invoice. But if the user wishes to add some additional information on the Invoices they can insert the column in the Invoice by using Invoice Other Information. To access Invoice Other Information choose Settings» Invoicing / Print Templates» Transaction Other Information. The following screen will appear. 




The Invoice Other Information will be displayed in the Invoices for the business. You can ADD; Edit; Delete the Invoice Other Information from the Business Settings browse.


ADD Invoice Other Information: To add the Invoice Other Information choose the Invoice Other Information under Business Setting. A new browser will appear to add the information.


Caption: Enter the text you want to display in the Invoice.


Field Type: Select the Field Type from the drop down as Text; Numeric; Memo; Date or Yes/ No.


Field Size: This will dictate the column width in the Invoice. Field Size is applicable is Field Type is Text and Numeric. If the Field Type is being selected as “Memo”; “Date” or “Yes/ No” system will dictate the Field Size.


Decimal Places: This will dictate the maximum number of Decimal for the field. This will only be active if the field type is numeric and maximum number decimal can be up to 9.

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Print on Invoice: This will dictate the Other Information will be displayed or not. Select the Check box if you wish to print the Information on the Invoices. 




Edit Invoice Other Information:  If you wish to edit the existing Invoice Other Information choose the “Edit “Option from the” Other Information Definition” browse. 


Caption: To edit the delete the existing caption and insert the new text as a caption. 


Field Type: Field Type cannot be modified.


Field Size: The Field Size can be increased from the existing field size.


Decimal Places: This Field can only be modified if the Field Type is Numeric. 


Delete Invoice Other Information: Invoice Other Information can only be deleted if the transaction is not being posted. Once the transaction for the business is posted Invoice Other Information cannot be deleted.


The Invoice Other Information will be displayed in the Invoice. After creating the Invoice select the option “Advanced”.  A new pop up will open as “Transaction Details”. In this “Transaction Details” pop up all the Invoice Other Information will appear and you can feed the information as per the business requirement. 



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