Advanced E-mail Settings



Surf Accounts provides a feature to send the Invoice, Credit Note or the Statement through e-mail to your customers.

You can set this up via Settings » Email» Advance Settings.




Use Own SMTP Settings:  Select the check box “Use Own SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Settings”.


Account Name: Type in the name of the user.


E-Mail Address: Enter your own e-mail address from which you want to send emails from.


Server Type: Choose the Server Name from the drop down like AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Netscape, MSN, Yahoo, Yahoo plus etc.


Server Name:  Choose the Server Name as outgoing mail server SMTP. Once you choose the Server Type the server name will appear. 


Server Port: Choose the port of number according to mail server depending on the Server port for e.g. 995 for


Use the following encrypted connection:  You need to select this if you have an encrypted connection.


My server Authentication: Check the option for My Server Authentication.


User Name: Provide a valid username, for example, provide yahoo user name, if you have used Yahoo as the server port.


Password: Provide the password to the above mentioned account.

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