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Surf Accounts is being used by big corporation, small and medium enterprises (SME) and accounting firm and chartered accountants. Keeping the business need in mind of customers Surf Accounts has been categorised into 3 major categories. Surf Accounts is being clategorised into 3 separate plans with different charges so that the customer can have the option to choose the plan as per their requirement. The objective of this classification is to make it cost effective for the users.

These plans has been categorised as Plan A; Plan B and Plan C on the basis of the number of user as well as the number of Sales or Purchase Invoice entries. For sole traders and partnerships business customer can opt for Plan A and B. A customer can sign up with Plan A to start with to make it cost effective.

Plan A: In Plan A the maximum number of the user will be 1 and 20 invoices can be posted per month. If the business volume increase user can upgrade their business with Surf Accounts to Plan B and Plan C.

Plan B: In plan B the maximum number of user will be 2. The maximum no of Sales or Purchase Invoice will be 50. 

Plan C: In plan C the maximum number of user will be 5. The maximum no of Sales or Purchase Invoice will be 500.


If you have already signed up with Surf Accounts and wish to upgrade your existing plan due to business requirement you just need to follow couple of simple steps to upgrade your Surf Accounts plan. To upgrade your existing plan choose Setting» Business Settings» Manage Your Account »Plan Details. The following screen will appear. 


Choose the option to upgrade the plan by selecting the option “Select”.  The following screen will appear.


Choose the “Payment Details” as Monthly or Annual Plan or 3 Years plan according to your convenience proceed with continue. A new browser will pop up on the browse for confirmation. The following screen will appear. 


Once this plan upgrade is confirmed you are redirected to Realex Payments website to fill in the details of the subscription for upgrade.  We at Surf Accounts do not hold any of your banking details. The following screen will appear to enter the payment details. 


By choosing the “Pay Now” button the plan will be upgraded and a confirmation message will appear in a new browse.

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