Surf Accounts provides an opportunity for the user to making online payment through “PayPal payment gateway” for their customers. You can send the invoices to your customer through email. The customer can open the Invoice and there will be an option to make the payment online. To make the payment online through Pay pal choose the “Pay Now” option.  This “Pay Now” button will only appear if the invoice has been emailed to the customer or else this option will not appear. To receive the online payment the Pay pal account setup needs to be done. 

Setting Up Paypal Account through Surf Accounts


Before you setup, the Paypal account select the user access and open the Paypal settings by using the check box under the user access. To access the Paypal Settings select Settings» Banking » PayPal Account Details, the following screen will appear. Before you proceed further you must already have a merchant Paypal account set up in the same currency as your business. 


Pay Pal Email Id: Use the email address of the user.

Payment Type: Choose the Payment Type from the drop down. This could be Goods or Service.

Payment Receiving A/C: Choose the payment receiving an account. 


If you choose the “Pay Now” option the following browser will appear on the screen make the payment. The following screen will appear. 


To confirm the payments choose the “Continue” option and a new browser of payment confirmation will appear on the screen. 
From the Payment confirmation page if you select the close button it will be redirected to the Invoice preview page and unpaid logo will change into “Paid”, “Part Paid” depending on the full or part payment. 

Proceed with the Transaction

By selecting “Continue” button the following screen will appear to proceed further for the transaction. If you wish to have a look at the payment summary you can look at the left-hand column for the transaction details.Enter the Account Information in the respective fields.Select the "PAY" button to confirm the transaction. 


Once the user account information is completely filled the following screen will appear for payment.


After selecting the confirmation of payment browser will appear as follows.


A Payment Confirmation browser confirms that transaction is complete and finally a "Thanks" message appears for using the Paypal online transaction.  



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