Email Invoice, Credit Note, Statement, Receipt, Order and Quote


Surf Accounts provides a dynamic feature to email the Invoices and Credit Notes (both purchase and sales), Order, Quote, Receipt and Statement to your customer. A link will be emailed to your customer's email address through Surf Accounts and they can download the Invoice, Credit Note, Receipt, Statement, Quote and Order simply by selecting the hyperlink to their local machine.   


How to email the Invoices or Credit notes to your customer

To email the Invoices or Credit notes select Accounts, the invoice browse will appear on the screen. Select the Invoice or the credit note you want to email from the browser. By selecting the “Email” option a pop up will appear on the browse to email the Invoice/ Credit Notes. Once the Invoice or the credit note is emailed an envelope symbol will appear in the same browser followed by the “Paid” column. 


From: The business user’s email address will appear in the “From” field. This email address will be auto populated and cannot be changed.

To: The customer’s email address will appear in the “To” field. In case if you wish to change the email address simply delete the email address and change it to the one you wish to. 

CC/ BCC: To send a copy of the email to others you can use the "CC/BCC" field. This is not a mandatory field. 

Subject: The subject line will auto populated along with the Invoice / Credit Note Number along with the business name. If you wish to change the subject line you can simply delete the existing information and change it. To customise the email template select Setting Templates » Email Template. 

Body: The email body consists of the information about the invoice or the credit note. This can be customised from the Email Template from the Template section of Surf Accounts. ( Select Setting » Templates » Email Template). Once the email is sent the recipient will receive the email with a hyperlink as follows.


Select the hyperlink to open the Invoice or Credit note. The Invoice or the Credit Note will be displayed on the screen . You can Print or Save the Invoice to your local machine by selecting the “Print” or “Save” option. Preview of the email along with the hyperlink the recipient will receive. 


Invoice Preview appears by selecting the Hyperlink from the email you receive from Surf Accounts. From the same browser, you can pay the Invoice online by selecting the "Pay Now" button through Pay Pal.  


Click on "Pay Now" to pay by using Pay Pal. 


Print Preview: By selecting the “Print” option the preview of the Invoice / Credit note will appear in a new browser. Select the Print option from the same browser to print. If you wish to download the invoice or the credit note on the local machine select the “Save” button; the invoice or the credit note will be downloaded to your local machine in PDF format.  


Account History: By selecting the “Account History” the transaction details (ledger card view) of the business will open up in a new browser. By selecting the “Show all transaction” the following screen will appear displaying the transactions. To print the transaction details select the “Print” option from the Customer Account browse.  


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