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Surf Accounts has introduced a feature to view the invoices, plan details or payment option in a single browser. In the same browser, the user can view the SMS charge. Once the user logs into their business user can view the details of the invoice raised from this browser.  

Access Manage Account

The one point browser view for all your invoices, your subscription plan and payment details  To access Manage Your Account through Surf Accounts select Settings »General Setup »Manage Account the following screen will appear.


From the business browser, you can select the business to see the invoice, subscription plan and payment details with SMS credit balance. By selecting the business select ‘Manage your Account’ from the split of the business browse. 


By selecting the ‘Manage Your Account’ a new browser will appear on the screen to display the Invoices, Plan Details, Payment method, Payment alerts and SMS credit balance in a single browser.




The browser will open the business or payment history report page. The subscription details for your business will appear. The subscription page will display the date, invoice number,   description, credit card, ref number, amount and status.

Plan Details

The new browser will show the plan details. You can this page to upgrade the plan from here. This will redirect to the update plan page.

Payment method

This will give a new page to change the payment method. A pop up will appear as ‘Payment Method Change’.   Select the appropriate payment method from the drop down. You can select any of the options from the cheque box as Credit Card, Cheque, Bank Transfer, and   Direct Debit. By selecting the payment method select ‘Save’ to change the payment method.

Payment Alerts

Select the appropriate email address to send the payment alerts. By selecting the payment alerts a new browser will open up to select the appropriate email address. Select the email address from the list of users. By selecting the email address select   ‘Save’. 

SMS Credit

This will open up a new browser for the SMS Top up plan. Select the appropriate radio button for the SMS top up plan. 

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Browser view of Payment Method Change


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