Default Discount Code


You can now set up a default discount code on customers. This allows for you to define discounts on a customer by customer basis. This will help identify what customers are paying on invoices. 

Before you setup, the default discount code for the customer check the discount setup by selecting Settings» Accounts» Setup» Discount method» Calculate Net amount from Discount %.

To set up the default discount method select the Customer from the ‘Contacts’ tab the following screen will appear. Enter the discount percentage you wish to allow. You can select a discount percentage from 0 to 100. 


Default Discount in Detail Sales Invoice

While invoicing the discount percentage will automatically populate in the invoice line under the discount column. For e.g. if the default discount is set to 10 percent in the contact browse the same will appear automatically while detail invoicing for the customer.

For details see below:


Please note:

●Default discount can be edited by using the ‘Advance’ button.

●The default discount rate will auto fill the first time. In edit mode, the default rate will not be calculated if you change the product or the customer.

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