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We have improved our email functionality so that you can send invoices, credit notes, receipts, payments and statements to your customers effortlessly and automatically.

To access the enhanced feature of email functionality follow the below mentioned two steps.

Setting up an email address in the Customer Contact Browse.

To setup the email select ‘Contacts’ tab and select ‘Customer’, the following screen will appear. 


Enter the primary email address in the ‘Email’ box and enter the email address to whom you want to send the copy of the same in the ‘Email 2’ box. For e.g. you can enter your email address in the ‘Email’ box and enter the email address of your book keeper in the ‘Email2’ box. 

Setting up Basic Email Settings:

Once Email 2 is entered go to Settings» Email» Basic Settings the following screen will appear.


From the ‘Basic E-mail setting’ please ensure ‘Use Email 2 as CC for Invoices, Statement etc’ is checked as shown in the above figure, else this enhance feature of auto populating email address in copy to the column will not be activated.After selecting the check box select ‘Save’ to save the settings.

For illustration see the screenshots. 


While sending the statement to; customer the ‘To’ and ‘CC’ field the following screen will appear.


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