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Surf Accounts have come up with a wide range of different payment options with a clear view of charges keeping the customer satisfaction in mind. 

The upgrade of plans includes the changes of the number of time user of Time & Expenses module integrated with Surf Accounts. To make it more flexible time user may decrease, leading to a reduced recurring value.

Direct Debits happen on a particular day of every month, i.e. 28th, the expiry date remains the same when the upgrade happens. The similar approach will be implemented for all kind of upgrades.  

                                                                        Setting up the Company for the first time
                                                       Select your plan as per your business requirement 
                                                            Payment Preferences browse to subscribe Surf Accounts

 Detail Payment Mode for Surf Accounts Subscription


Monthly Direct Debit

  • √ The Registration Expiry will be on the 28th of every month. 
  • √ The recurring value will be changed to the new value.
  • √ The next invoice is the new recurring value plus an increment for the number of days on the new plan till the existing Expiry date.
  • Payments are committed on the 18th of the month, and payments are made on the 28th of the month.  So any increments applied between those two dates will be applied in the following month.
  • √ We have added 2 new fields to the business as “New Recurring amount payable”, and “Next recurring amount payable”, which is the new recurring amount plus any increments that will be applied to the next payment. 
Please Note, if the plan is upgraded in between 18th to 28th of a plan, another option will appear as below: 
                                                    The last option will appear only when if you upgrade the Plan in between 18th to 28th of a month.
                                             Select the “Time Recording” tick box and select the number of Time User.
Select the ‘Yes’ option to confirm new recurring amount payable and the next recurring amount payable.
If the payment option to upgrade the plan is ‘Cheque’ or “Bank Transfer” the process remains the same. 
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Confirmation of plan up gradation through email

  • √ We have introduced a new feature in relation to the plan up gradation in Surf Accounts. If you upgrade your plan an auto generated email will be sent to you. The email will be sent to you at  with the following details. 
  • Business Name 
  • Payment Method
  • √ The previous or the old plan. 
  •  The New plan with a new number of time users. 
  • √ The old recurring value and the new recurring value. 
  • √ The next payment date. 
  • √ The following payment amount along with the following payment date. 
  • √ The currency and the Gross values for all currency amounts. 

Please note, this feature is not applicable if the mode of payment for the upgrade is Credit Card.

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