To generate Quotes and Order Reports with customized columns


Track your Business pipeline by keeping a record of all opportunities. Evaluate the business size by providing weighting % of each opportunity. Link a prospective customer with the opportunity and track the progress through Sales activities. Keep track of the business Source by providing appropriate value and view in the chart the most effective business source. Provide stage of business opportunity and view the business shaping up in the chart.

To view opportunity, select Sales > Opportunity. 


Opportunities appear grouped under stages. 

Filter display of opportunity records in opportunity page

By default, opportunity added by all users is displayed on the opportunity page. By default, all opportunities, except closed opportunities appear on the page.

To display selected stage of opportunity added by a particular login user, select filter button from the toolbar.


Select desired Account Manager and Stages to display. The records will be populated in Opportunity page accordingly.

Graphical display of Sales Pipeline

To view Chart of Business by Stage, select Group By Stage from the toolbar and then click on the Chart button. 


Similarly, you can view a chart of Sales Pipeline by Weighing.

These figures are also available in the Dashboard. For details, check dashboard.


Add Opportunity

Before you start to add Sales Opportunity, setup your Opportunity sources and Pipeline Definition.  Click the Add button to add an opportunity. Provide the following details and save the record.


Edit An opportunity

To edit an opportunity, click on the opportunity and select edit button from the toolbar, or click on the hyperlink on the opportunity. Edit the necessary information and save the record.


Delete an opportunity

To delete an opportunity, click on the opportunity and select delete button from the toolbar. A message appears, ‘Are you sure you want to delete this opportunity?’ click ‘Yes’ to delete the record.

Reports on Opportunity

Click on the print button from the toolbar. Surf Accounts generates opportunity reports.

For customized reports on opportunity,

Customer/ prospect

Select a customer or a prospect by clicking on the look up. For Business pipeline of a new prospective customer, select Lookup > New Button, add detail information of the prospect. A prospect will be created.


Select sub-contract of the opportunity. Contact person added within the prospect/customer appears in the drop-down list.


Click on the date look up to add a date of opportunity

Type of Opportunity

Select from the drop down the type of opportunity. The options are existing customer, new business. 


Select from the drop down the business source. The list of  opportunity sources appearing in the drop down option is the options added in Settings> lookups> Opportunity Sources


Select Opportunity Stage. The list of  opportunity Stages appearing in the drop down option are the options added in Settings> lookups> Pipeline Definition

Target Date

Select a target date of closure of the opportunity.


Add a Weighing percentage of the opportunity. 

Account Manager

Select the account manager of the Sales opportunity. 


Add a value of the Sales opportunity


Provide details description of the opportunity


Provide additional information of the opportunity in the notes.

Go to Reports tab > Select Opportunity Reports from Sales column. For details, view Reports.

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