Product Categories


While setting up the business Individual Product Codes you need to decide on how you are going to categorize your products. You may decide to categories them in a similar manner to the Chart of Accounts. You can also split the category by the product or may be by allocating a Supplier to each category. To access the Product Categories choose Settings» Products & Stock »Product Categories. The following screen will appear. 



If you wish you can “Add”; “Edit” or “Delete” the product category while setting up the product categories. You will be getting an option to edit the product category. 

Add Product Category: To “Add” a product category choose the option “Add” from the product category browse. The following screen will appear.



Edit Product Category: If you wish to “Edit” a product category choose the product category and click on “Edit”. A confirmation browser will appear on the screen asking for the confirmation. 

To “Edit” the product category proceed with the option “Yes” in the Confirmation Message browse. After changing the “Product Category” click on save button. 


Delete Product CategoryIf you wish to delete a Product Category from the existing list of Product Categories choose the “Delete” option. Once the transaction is being posted the Product Categories cannot be deleted. 




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