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Surf Accounts provides a dynamic feature where you can add the business activity. Setup your own business activity types or use the default activity types provided by the application. There are two system defined Activity types for Sales.  They are Administration and Sales.

To access the activity types, select Settings» CRM » Activity type. Activity Types pop up will appear.


Customisation of Activity Types 

Add an Activity Type: To add an activity select the “Add” button from the Activity Types pop up. In the Description field provides a text to describe your activity. For e.g. Support Activity.


 Browser View of Adding an "Activity"

Edit an Activity Type: Select the activity type you want to edit and then select the “Edit” option. Edit Activity pop up will appear.


Browser View of Editing an “Activity Type”

After editing the description of the activity select the “Save” button. Please Note that if the “Activity” is already in use a message will appear on the screen as “This Activity is currently is in use. Are you sure you wish to change it?” By selecting “Yes” you can proceed further to change the existing.

Delete an Activity Type: To delete an activity select the activity type and then select the delete option. A pop up message will appear to confirm that “Are you sure you want to Delete”. To delete the “Activity Type” select “Yes” to delete from the browser.


Browser View to Delete an Activity Type.  

**Please note if the “Activity type” is already in use Surf Accounts will not allow to “Delete” the record.


 The message appears when “Activity Type” is in use system does not allow deleting the record. 

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