Opportunity Sources


Surf Accounts provides an excellent feature to track the opportunity sources for your business. There are 3 pre defined opportunity sources as Facebook, Referral, and Website through which business opportunities can be generated within Surf Accounts.

Apart from the system defined opportunity sources, you can add new opportunity sources into Surf Accounts. To access the Opportunity Sources select Settings» CRM » Opportunity Setup the following screen will appear. 


Customisation of Opportunity Sources

To customise the Opportunity Sources user can Add, Edit and Delete Opportunity Sources like Advertisement, Cold Calls, and Direct Marketing.

Add an Opportunity Source: To add an opportunity select the “Add” button from the Opportunity Sources pop up. A  Pop up will appear to “Add” an opportunity source. The pop up will ask for the Description. In the Description filed you can add the type of opportunity. For e.g. Advertisement; Cold Calls.


Edit an Opportunity Sources: You can also edit the existing opportunities. By selecting the opportunity to select the “Edit” option and a new pop up will appear on the screen to change it. Please note system will only allow once the transaction is posted by using the business opportunities, the system will not allow to Edit as it is already in use.


Delete an Opportunity Source: If you wish to delete an opportunity select the opportunity type and select the delete option. A pop-up message will appear to confirm that “Are you sure you want to Delete”. To delete the opportunity select “Yes” to delete the Opportunity from the browser. 


** Please note if the Opportunity Source is already is in use and transactions are already posted system will not allow deleting the records. 


Opportunity Sources cannot be deleted if the record is in use. 

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