To Edit and Print Sales Invoices


To edit a Sales Invoices, highlight the invoice from the Sales Invoice Page, and press Open option appearing below the record.


The Sales Invoice appears. You can edit a Detailed Sales Invoices and press 'Save' to post the changes.

Note: You can edit Notes, split notes, ref no, account manager and addresses of a sales invoice. Other fields are editable only if the Sales invoices are not allocated against Receipt/Credit note, or VAT of the Invoice is not returned or the Sales Invoices date does not fall within locked period date.

If they are allocated, you have to unallocate them from the Receipt and you will then be able to edit the invoice.

To Print a Sales Invoice

Surf Accounts provides facilities to print an Invoice. Before you print an invoice, design the Invoice template. To know, about template design, click here. To print a Sales Invoice, highlight the record from the Sales Invoice browse. Press the Print option appearing below the record or the print option appearing from the toolbar. You can select the invoice number to print the Sales Invoice.


The Invoice Preview Page appears. The header information and detailed information appearing in preview page depend on the template designed. 


The Preview page has the following three options:

Print: Select the Print option to send the Sales Invoice to the local / or network server for a printout or save it as a pdf on your local system

Save: Select the Save option to download the Sales Invoice as PDF in your local system.

Email: Select the email option to send the Invoice as an Email attachment to the customer or any other email recipient. The following popup appears.


From: The sender’s email address appears here. By default, the login user’s email id appears. This is a read only field.

To: the recipient’s name appears here. By default, it populates customer’s email address, if the email address is not recorded earlier, this field appears blank.

CC/ BCC: Add the recipient’s email address to which you wish to send a copy of the Sales Invoice.

Subject: By default, the subject populates the Invoice No along with the business name.

Email body displays the email body format you have already designed through email template.

Send: Press send to send the email to the recipients.
Close: Press Close to abort from email option.

You can create a standard template of the email body as Email template in Surf Accounts. To learn more on Sales Invoice email body template, press here.

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