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We have introduced a "Show all customers" checkbox on the product price history look up. The price history button shows the history of a particular product for a customer from within the invoice transaction browse. You can now show the product price history that has been charged to all customers for this product and not just the customer you are on at present. This helps you to compare pricing when raising an invoice. 

For Details See below:  


By selecting the ‘History’ button a pop up appears with the product date, quantity, purchase price, sales price, and markup and discount column. By selecting the ‘Show all customers’ check box a separate column ‘Contact Name’ will appear.

Please note, by default the ‘Show all customers’ check box will be unchecked.


We have also introduced ‘Discount %’ column in this new version. If a discount is allowed while invoicing the discount percentage will appear in the ‘History’ pop up as below. 


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