Supplier Edit Page Includes Scope For Notional VAT


In Surf Accounts, we have introduced a VAT No. field in the supplier edit, the same as exists in the customers for users to add VAT number of each supplier within their business.



When editing a supplier, if they are EU (and not local), then the default VAT rate defaults to one of the ones set as:


  • Purchase of goods from EU VAT Registered suppliers (If they're VAT Registered).
  • Purchase of services from EU VAT Registered suppliers (If they're VAT Registered).
  • Non-vat-table (does not appear on VAT return) (If they're not VAT Registered).
If any other VAT code is set as the default, Surf Accounts warn the user when saving the supplier (see above).  If a VAT number has been entered, Surf Accounts assumes that the supplier is VAT registered and warns if saving with any default VAT code other than one of the 1st two listed above.
These warnings apply to IE and UK businesses only (not ZA). Similar warnings also appear on the customer edit.
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