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Surf Accounts provides all the relevant information in a methodical and structured manner to make it easy to understand. It has been designed in such a fashion so that it can be used by the large corporation, and small and medium enterprises and accountants. You can customise your reports for the individual business. With simple select options, you can preview them on the fly before emailing or saving a copy. The reports will be generated which can be viewed in an interactive way on a real-time basis.

Opportunity Report

The Opportunity Report will give you a brief idea about your prospective client whom you expect to become your client in a period of time. Opportunity Report will also give you a clear indication of the effective marketing strategy.  You can track opportunities from calls through to quotations and manage this process into pipeline funnel. To keep a track of the prospective client Surf Accounts provides an excellent functionality of opportunity reports. You can have a chart view of your projected business volume from the new or the prospective customer stage wise as well as percentage wise. Before you create the opportunity report the new opportunity information needs to be incorporated into Surf Accounts.

Generating Opportunity Reports of Business through Surf Accounts

To generate the “Opportunity Report” through Surf Accounts Select Reports» Sales » Opportunity Report » Run, the following screen will appear. 


Customisation of the Opportunity Report

You can customise the Opportunity Report by choosing the “Advanced” option. By choosing the “Advanced” option a new browser will appear on the screen as “Advanced Settings”. If you wish to sort the report choose the “Advanced” option. The Opportunity Report can be sorted by “Weighting”; “Stage”; “Target Date” etc. In the “Column Order” stage can be included or excluded. To access the “Advanced” option choose Reports» Sales» Opportunity Report» Advanced. The following screen will appear. 


By selecting the "Advance" button an "Advance Setting" pop up will appear on the browser. You can Include or exclude column in the reports by using the Advance Settings. 


Toolbar Functionality of the Opportunity Report Browse

By using the Toolbar of the Opportunity Report browse you can print, download in MS Excel format, Save to your local machine as PDF and email the report. 


Toolbar View of the Opportunity Report

Printing the Opportunity Report: To print the “Opportunity Report” select the print option from the toolbar. A preview will be generated along with “Print” button to print. The following screen will appear. 


Download Opportunity Report in Excel Format: To download the Opportunity report in MS Excel format select the “Excel” option from the Toolbar. All the Opportunities entered into Surf Accounts can be downloaded in MS Excel format. By selecting the "MS Excel" Option the following screen will appear. 


Save: To “Save” the Opportunity Report to your local machine as PDF select the “Save” option from the toolbar. The following screen will appear. 


Save all business opportunities entered into Surf Accounts to your local machine.

Email:  To Email, the “Opportunity Report" select the “Email” button from the “Opportunity Report Browse”. A pop up will appear on the screen to send the report as an email. The recipient will receive a PDF file as an attachment. The following screen will appear.


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