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Surf Accounts provides all the relevant information in a methodical and structured manner to make it easy to understand. It has been designed in such a fashion so that it can be used by the large corporation, and small and medium enterprises and accountants. You can customise your reports for the individual business. With simple select options, you can preview them on the fly before emailing or saving a copy. The reports will be generated and can be viewed interactive reports on a real-time basis.

Customer Statement Report

If you wish to generate a report of the Customer Statement through Surf Accounts of the customer for the business select Reports» Customers» Statement; the Statement Report will appear on the browser.

Please Note that before generating the Customer Statement Report select the Statement date from the calendar. The report can be generated for specific Customer by using the Customer look up. The Customer Statement can sort by customer’s name, code or balance. The Statement Report can be generated either by "Open Item" or "Balance Forward". 

Generating the Customer Statement Report

To generate the Customer Statement reports select Reports» Customers» Statement. The following screen will appear.

Type: Select the Type from the drop down. You can select the Type as "Open item" or "Balance Forward" depending on the business requirement. 


Browser View of the Customer Statement selecting the Type as "Open Item".

Statement Date: To generate the “Customer Statement” report use the Date field to specify the date. For e.g. if you wish to generate the report on a particular date select the date by using the calendar.  

Customer: To generate the Customer Statement Report customer wise select the name of the customer by using the look up button. You can select multiple customers in this report. To generate the report of all the customers leave the “Customer” column as blank.


From the Customer look up a single customer is selected the Statement browser will pop up the statement of a single customer as mention in the above figure. 

Customer Range has been selected by using the Customer look up. 

Select the "Type", Statement Date, Customer Name by using the look up, Sort by code from the above-mentioned screen and then Click on "Run to Generate the Report. The following screen will appear. 


By Selecting the "Run" Button the above browser will appear. 

Name: The customer name will be displayed under the name column in the Customer Statement Report.  

Email: The customer’s email address will be displayed under the email column in the Customer Statement Report.   
Last Invoice: The last invoice generated for a customer will be displayed in this column. For e.g. the last invoice to a customer has been raised on 23.09.2013 on the customer statement the last invoice date of that business will appear as 23.09.2013.
Last Payment: The last payment made by the customer will be displayed in the last date of payment column of the business. For e.g. if a customer has paid the last invoice on 11.10.2013 it will appear on the “Last Payment “column.
Balance: The balance amount (Invoiced amount-paid amount) will appear in the Balance column as on Statement Date.
Send Statement: You can send the customer statement to their respective customers by using their email address. There will be three options for sending a statement to the customers. You can select “Always”; “Not Now” or “Never”. By selecting the “Always” option the statement will be sent to the customer. If “Always” is being selected for the customer the emails will be sent to those customers automatically at the time of email. 
If “Not Now” option is selected Statement will not be emailed to the customer. To change it from “Not Now” to “Always” just click on the “Not Now” button. For Details look into the following two screens where the options has been changed from "Always" to "Not now" by simple cursor selection.


The first split shows send a statement "Always". In the second split just clicked on the "Not Now" button by simple selection to change it. You will be brought to the following screen. 


The Second split which was in "Not Now" changed to "Always" by a simple mouse selection on that. Send Statement Status changed to “Always” from “Not Now” In a similar manner you can change the send statement status from “Never” to “Always” or vice verse.  

Sort the Report: You can sort the report by the “Customer Code“, “Customer’s Name” and the “Balance” of the Report.

Suppress by Zero: If the balance of a Customer is zero on the Statement Date, then the name of the customer will not appear on the Statement by selecting "Suppress by Zero". 

Preview: By selecting the “Preview” option on the screen a new browser will open up and the entire statement will be generated. 


Preview of the Customer Statement Report. 

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Toolbar functionality of the Customer Statement Report

To Print, Save, Email the “Customer Statement Report” selects the option from the Toolbar of the “Customer Statement Report”. 

By using the Toolbar of the “Customer Statement Report” browse you can print, Save to your local machine as PDF and email the report.


Toolbar View of the Customer Statement Report to Print, Save and Email the Report.

Print the Customer Statement Report: To print the Customer Statement Report, select the Print icon from the toolbar of the reporting browse. A preview will be generated along with a “Print” icon the following screen will appear.


Select the Printer icon to print from the preview.

Save: To save the Customer Statement Report select the “Save” option from the toolbar and the report will be download to your local machine in PDF format. The following screen will appear.


Save your customer statement into your local machine as PDF format. 

Email: To send the Customer Statement Reports through email select the “Email” option from the toolbar. A pop up will be generated.

To: Enter the email address of the recipient.

CC/BCC: Enter the email address if you wish to send a copy of the report.

Subject: Enter the subject line of the mail dial up box.


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