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Surf Accounts provides all the relevant information in a methodical and structured manner to make it easy to understand. It has been designed in such a fashion so that it can be used by the large corporation, and small and medium enterprises and accountants. You can customise your reports for the individual business. With simple select options, you can preview them on the fly before emailing or saving a copy. The reports will be generated which can be viewed in an interactive way on a real-time basis.

In Surf Accounts an excellent feature has been introduced where you can create several types of Budgets to see the variance between the budgeted and the actual amounts by that specific time period. To generate the report you need to input the budgeted amount against account (nominal) group and nominal code. You can create budgets which can be compared with the actual income and expenditure of the business throughout the year.

To setup, the budget in Surf Accounts select Accounts » Chart of Accounts » Budget from the toolbar of the Chart of Accounts browse the following screen will appear. 


Financial Report

The financial report will generate reports regarding VAT Report, Bank Reconciliation, Trial Balances, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet, Account Details, Journal Listing, Yearly Budget Comparison, Periodic Budget Comparison and Budget Details.

Generating Budget Details Report

To generate the Budget Details Report select Reports» Financial» Budget Details Report »Run the following screen will appear. 


Budget Details Report

Budget Details report is based on the account (nominal) code and the account (nominal) group. By selecting the account (nominal) code the description against the account (nominal) code will automatically appear on the screen. Budget Detail report for every month will be followed by the months. For e.g. for Budget Details Report you need to select the account (nominal) codes by using the look up buttons of the “Account Codes”. 

Code: This refers to the “Account Code”,   select the “Account/ nominal code” from the drop down. The selected codes will appear on the browser. For e.g. if the Account code Start from 001 i.e. Sales Type 001 and ends at 999 i.e. Balance Sheet Suspense accounts will appear on the browser.

Description: In the Description column the Description will appear against the Account code (Nominal Code). For e.g. if the nominal code is 110 then the “Description” will be auto populated as “Cost of goods sold”.

Monthly Budget: Monthly Budgeted amount will appear column wise against the each nominal code which has been selected. For e.g. in the account code if the nominal code is being selected as 001 and if you have allocated a budget amount from January to December, the budgeted amount will be displayed on the “Month” column. In case if you have not allocated any budget for a particular month and if “Suppress Zero” is selected then under the month column no amount display. 

Total: “Total Budgeted amount” will appear against each and every nominal code you select at the last column of the same row. If you wish to view the total budgeted amount month wise simple drop down to the end of the browser, the last column will be the “Total” column month wise.

Suppress Zero: If the balance is zero of the Account (nominal) code on the Statement Date, then the transaction will not appear in the Budget Details Report by selecting "Suppress Zero". 

Select the "Account Code" from the following browsers and then select "Run" the report will be generated as per the "Account (Nominal) Code" selection. 


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Toolbar Functionality 

To print or to download the Budget Details Report in MS Excel, Save and Email the report use the relevant icon from the browser.  

Print: To Print the Budget Details Report select Print Icon from the toolbar, a preview will be generated. Select the Printer icon from the preview to print the report. 


Excel: To download the Budget Details Report in MS excel format select the “Excel” option and the report will be downloaded on the local machine in Excel (Spreadsheet) format.


Save: To save the Budget Report select the “Save” option from the toolbar to download into your local machine in PDF format.


Email: To send the Budget Details Report through email select the “Email” option from the toolbar. A pop up will be generated. 

To: Enter the email address of the recipient.

CC/BCC: Enter the email address if you wish to send a copy of the report.

Subject: Enter the subject line of the mail dial up box. 

Attachment: Recipient will select the attachment to open the Budget Details Report.


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