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Surf Accounts provides all the relevant information in a methodical and structured manner to make it easy to understand. It has been designed in such a fashion so that it can be used by the large corporation, and small and medium enterprises and accountants. You can customise your reports for the individual business. With simple select options, you can preview them on the fly before emailing or saving a copy. The reports will be generated which can be viewed in an interactive way on a real-time basis.

Financial Report

The financial report will generate reports regarding VAT Report, Bank Reconciliation, Trial Balances, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet, Account Details, Journal Listing, Yearly Budget Comparison, Periodic Budget Comparison and Budget Details.

Generating the Bank Reconciliation Report

To generate the Bank Reconciliation Return report select Reports» Financial» Bank Reconciliation »Run.The following screen will appear.


Details of the Bank Reconciliation Report

Header: Header displays the name of the Bank Account along with the Statement Date.

Balance as per Surf Accounts: This displays the value of the General Ledger for that bank account up to the statement Date; it is calculated on the fly.

Balance as per Bank Statement: This displays the value being entered on the New/Open Bank Reconciliation Form.

Un-Presented Payment: This refers to all Payments (for the Bank account) which have not been “ticked”. Payments up to the Statement Date should only be included.

Less un-presented Payment: This displays the un-presented payment which will be deducted.

Plus un-presented Payment: This displays the un-presented payment which will be added.

Reconciled Balance: This displays the difference between Un-presented Payments and Un-presented Receipts.

Toolbar Functionality of the Bank Reconciliation Reporting Browse:

To Print, Save, Email the “Bank Reconciliation Report”, select the option from the Toolbar of the “Bank Reconciliation Report.” 

The “Bank Reconciliation Report.” can be saved as a PDF file to the local machine. You can also download the report as *xls file by selecting the MS-Excel option. 

By using the Toolbar of the “Bank Reconciliation Report.” browse you can print, download in MS Excel format, Save to your local machine as PDF and email the report.


Print: To print the Bank Reconciliation Report, select the “Print” option from the toolbar. A print preview will be generated and by selecting the print option from the preview page you can take the print of the report. 


MS-Excel: To download the Bank Reconciliation Report into MS Excel select the Excel option from the toolbar. The report will be downloaded into spreadsheets. The following screen will appear. 


Save: To “Save “the Bank Reconciliation Reports select the save option and the report will be downloaded to your local computer as a PDF file. 


Email: To email, the Bank Reconciliation reports select the email option from the toolbar. A  pop up will appear.

To:  In the “To” field enter the recipient’s email address.

CC/BCC: In the “CC/BCC” field enter the email address of the recipient you want to make a copy of the email.

Subject: Enter the subject line in the subject field.

Attachment: The Report will be attached as an attachment


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