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Surf Accounts provides all the relevant information in a methodical and structured manner to make it easy to understand. It has been designed in such a fashion so that it can be used by the large corporation, and small and medium enterprises and accountants. You can customise your reports for the individual business. With simple select options, you can preview them on the fly before emailing or saving a copy. The reports will be generated which can be viewed in an interactive way on a real-time basis.

Customer Batch Invoice Report

Surf Accounts has introduced this feature to print the invoices at a single go where the business has a high volume of records for bulk printing of Invoices. To generate a report of the Customer Batch Invoice Report through Surf Accounts select Reports» Customers » Batch Invoice Print; the Bulk invoice (both detail and batch) will appear on the browser.

Please Note that before generating the Batch Invoice Report for the customer you must give the access right from the Settings Tab. To give access for customer batch invoice select Settings » User Access. You will be brought to the following screen. 


From the permission pop up select the last two check boxes under Reports to get the access to generate the Customers and Suppliers Batch Invoice print as marked in the above figure. 

Generating the Customer Bulk Invoice Report

To generate the Customer Bulk Invoice reports select Reports» Customers» Batch Invoice Print » Run. The following screen will appear.


Sorting the Customer Batch Invoice Report:

To Date: To generate the “Customer Batch Invoice Report” by date for a specific time period use the “To Date” column. Select the start and end Date by using the calendar to specify the period. By keeping the date range blank it will generate the report till date. In the report, the current date will appear as “Date Range”.


Select the Date Range to generate the Customer Batch Invoice Report and the end date of the statement appears at the top right-hand corner as marked. 

Number Range: To generate the customer batch invoice number wise enter the Invoice number in the number range field. The start number of the invoice should always be lower than the end number. For e.g. if you wish to generate the report from Invoice number 100 to 103, 4 invoices will appear in the report. 


The Starting invoice number should always be less than the end invoice number, else system will not allow generating the report invoice wise and an error message will appear. 


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Toolbar functionality of the Customer Batch Invoice Report

To print, save the “Customer Batch Invoice Report” select the print option from the Toolbar of the “Customer Batch Invoice Print”.  

By using the save button on the Toolbar of the “Customer Batch Invoice Report” browse you can save the report to your local machine as PDF.  


Select the icons from the toolbar to print and save. 

Print the Customer Batch Invoice Report: To print the Customer Batch Invoice Report, select the Print icon from the toolbar of the reporting browse. A preview will be generated along with a “Print” icon the following screen will appear.


Select the “Printer” icon to print the Report. 

NoteWhile Printing the Customer batch invoice report the Invoices will be printed in descending order. For e.g. if the latest invoice number is 108 the report will appear as 107, 106 in a descending order as latest first.

Save: To save the Customer Sales order and Quotes Report choose the “Save” option from the toolbar and the report will be download to your local machine in PDF format.


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