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Surf Accounts provides all the relevant information in a methodical and structured manner to make it easy to understand. It has been designed in such a fashion so that it can be used by the large corporation, and small and medium enterprises and accountants. You can customise your reports for the individual business. With simple select options, you can preview them on the fly before emailing or saving a copy. The reports will be generated and can be viewed interactive reports on a real-time basis.

Financial Report

The financial report will generate reports regarding VAT Report, Bank Reconciliation, Trial Balances, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet, Account Details, Journal Listing, Yearly Budget Comparison, Periodic Budget Comparison and Budget Details. 

Generating the Trial Balance Report:

To generate the Trial Balance Report select Reports» Financial» Trial Balance Report »Run.The following screen will appear.


Browser View of the Simple Trial Balance Report. 


Sort the Report from the Trial Balance Report:

Period Range: To generate the Trial Balance Report for a specific period of time, select the Date Range by using the calendar. For e.g. if you wish to generate the report from January 2013 to December 2013 select the Date Range accordingly. By leaving the field blank the entire report will be generated irrespective of the “Date Range”. By keeping the Period Range Blank the report will generate the complete trial balance.

Account code: To generate a report against a specific Account (nominal) code, select the code by using the look ups of Account code from the browser. By keeping the account code field blank it will generate the report of all the nominal code.

Customisation of Trial Balance Report

To include or exclude the columns in the report select the “Advanced” button from the browser. By selecting the “Advanced” option a new pop up (Advanced Setting) will appear to include or exclude column. 


Select the "Advanced" button and you will be redirected to "Advance Settings" pop up. 


Include or Exclude columns from the "Advance Settings" and select "Update" to display the columns in the report.

Suppress by Zero: If the balance is zero on the Statement Date, then the transaction will not appear in the Trial balance Report by selecting "Suppress by Zero". 

Code: The nominal code will display under the code column. For example, if it is sales then the nominal code will appear as 001 in the Trial Balance Report. For “Cost of Good” transaction the code will be 111.

Description: The nominal code description will appear under the description column. For e.g. Sales, Purchase, Wages & Salaries, Balance Sheet Suspense will appear under the Description column.

Debit: If the nominal code has a debit balance then the amount will appear under the debit column. For e.g. the cost of goods will appear under the Debit column. 

Credit: If the nominal code has a credit the balance will appear under the credit column. For e.g. a number of sales of any business will appear under the Credit column.

PL/ Balance Sheet: This column will show whether a nominal code will be under the profit and Loss account or it will be under the balance sheet.  For e.g. a nominal code of 001 will be reflected under the P/L Account and nominal code of  999 will reflect under the  Balance sheet column.

Please note that a nominal code will appear either in Profit and Loss account or it will be under the balance sheet.

Nominal Group: The nominal group related to the nominal code will be displayed in the Nominal Group column. For e.g. nominal code 001 will display sales. Nominal groups are being defined within the system and depending on the selection the nominal group will be displayed.

Totals: The sum of the debited and the credited amount appears under the Total column.

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Toolbar Functionality of the Trial Balance Report (Print, Excel, Save, and Email)

To Print, Save, Email the “Trial Balance Report”, select the option from the Toolbar of the “Trial balance Report”.

The “Trial Balance Report.” can be saved as a PDF file to the local machine. You can also download the report as *xls file by selecting the MS-Excel option.

By using the Toolbar of the “Trial Balance Report.” browse you can print, download in MS Excel format, Save to your local machine as PDF and email the report.


To print, download, Save and Email the Report by using the Toolbar. 

Print: To print the Trial Balance Report, select the “Print” option from the toolbar. A print preview will be generated and by selecting the print option from the preview page you can take the print of the report.


Select the Printer icon to print the report. 

Excel: To download the Trial Balance Report in MS Excel select the Excel option from the toolbar. The report will be downloaded into spreadsheets. The following screen will appear.


Browser view of downloading the trial balance report in a spreadsheet. 

Save: To save the report to your local computer choose the “Save” button. The report will be saved as a PDF file to your local machine.


Email: To email, the Bank Reconciliation reports select the email option from the toolbar. A mail dialer pop up will appear.

To:  In the “To” field enters the recipient’s email address.

CC/BCC: In the “CC/BCC” field enter the email address of the recipient you want to make a copy of the email.

Subject: Enter the subject line in the subject field.  

Attachment: The Report will be attached as an attachment


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