PayPal Option In Receipts And Reports


Surf Accounts allows payments of Sales Invoices through PayPal. The receipts and Payments will now display payment type as “PayPal”. The PayPal Type is also available in Receipts and payments window. To know how to pay through PayPal, click here.

You can add receipts and payments paid through PayPal option even if your business doesn't have the PayPal details setup. You can simply add the records (payments and Receipts paid through Paypal) and select payment type ‘PayPal’.


Assign PayPal Type to receipts and Payments

You can generate a Customer Receipts Listing report by selecting PayPal type payments.


PayPal type option is also available in Quick receipts and Quick Payments option. See below:                           


You can now filter PayPal receipts and generate Customer Receipts report. 


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