Supplier Invoice Details Report


To generate the Supplier Invoice Details reports select Reports »Suppliers » Supplier Invoice Details Report. The following screen will appear. 



Generating the Supplier Invoice Details Report

To generate the Supplier Invoice Details Report select “Run” option in the browse the Report will be generated as follows.


Sort Option

Date Range:

Select the Date range of the period for which you want to generate the report. Use the calendar to select the date range. By keeping the date range blank it will generate the report till the report date.

Summary/ Detailed:

Select the Type by using the drop down. You can generate the separate reports for All, Summary and detailed format. For e.g. to generate reports of all the suppliers invoices, select “All” from the drop-down of the Summary/ Detailed column.


You can sort the report by the product code/ category/ analysis code from the “Type” drop down. As per your business requirement select the one from the “Type” Column. On the basis of type selection report will display the relevant information.  


If "Type" is being selected as Product Code the following screen will appear. For illustration have a quick look at the following figure.


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Customisation of the Invoice Details Report

By selecting “Advanced Settings” user can include or exclude different columns to customise the report as per the business requirement. This includes the Date; Name, Product codes, Description, Quantity, Price, Net Price, Code, Category Analysis Code, Doc. No., Purchase Price, margin, Profit, Discount %, Discount VAT code, VAT Rate, Analysis Description, VAT, and the Gross Amount. Select the one as per the business requirement so that the Supplier Invoice Details Report can display the relevant information.
To customise the Supplier Invoice Details Report select the “Advance” button of the browser as mention in the following figure.To include or exclude columns as per your requirement use this browser. From the same browser, you can also sort the report. Use the “Sorting” option depending on the requirement. At the same time, you can customise the report feature wise. 


Browser View of the Report

The Supplier Invoice Details Report can be classified into two major categories as “Summary of the Report” and the “Details of the Report”. In the “Summary” column if you select “Detailed” only the detailed Supplier Invoice Report will appear as follows.


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Toolbar functionality of the Supplier Invoice Payment Report

To Print, Save, Email the “Supplier Invoice Payment” select the options from the Toolbar of the Reporting browse.
The “Supplier Invoice Payment” can be saved as a PDF file to the local machine. You can also download the report as *xls file by selecting the MS-Excel option. 
By using the Toolbar of the “Supplier Invoice Payment” Report browse you can print, download in MS Excel format, Save to your local machine as PDF and email the report.


Print: To print the Supplier Invoice Details reports select the “Print” icon to print. A preview will be generated along with a “Print” icon. The following screen will appear. 


Download the Invoice Details Report in MS Excel Format (both Summary & Details): To download the Supplier Invoice detail report select the Excel Icon from the toolbar.All Invoices entered into Surf Accounts can be downloaded in MS Excel Format. To make it more useful and dynamic for the user the report will be downloaded separately as “Summary” and “Detailed” in a single spreadsheet. 



Save: To save the supplier Invoice Report into your local machine as PDF select the “Save” icon from the toolbar. The following screen will appear.


Email: To email, the “Supplier Invoice Details Report” select the “Email” icon of the “Supplier Invoice Details” Browse. The following screen will appear.
From: System will populate the user’s registered an email address.
To: Enter the Email address of the recipient.
CC/BCC: Enter the email address you want to send a copy of the report.
Subject: Enter the “Subject line” into the subject column.
Attachment: The report will be attached as a PDF file along with the statement date. 


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