Periodic Formatted Trial Balance Report


A new reporting option has been introduced by Surf Accounts team to generate a periodic trial balance. The periodic trial balance will generate a report of P/L accounts and Balance sheet compares to current and future period.


To access Periodic Trial Balance select Reports» Financial »Periodic Trial Balance the following screen will appear.


Add the following details:

Sort the Periodic Trial Balance Report


To generate the Periodic   Trial Balance Report select the Year from the drop down. For e.g. if you wish to generate the trial balance for the current year select the year as   ‘Current’. For future select the year as ‘Future’ and to generate the comparative trial balance selects ‘Comparative’ from the drop down.


Select the type from the drop down. You can generate the trial balance of P/L Accounts and Balance sheet separately. By selecting both the trial balance and P/L accounts of the business will be generated.


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Customisation of Report

To include and exclude column in the report select the ‘Advance’ option the following screen will appear.



The nominal code is displayed here under each nominal account. For e.g. under profit and loss account all the sales nominal codes, cost of sales, administrative expenses etc is displayed.


The description of the nominal code is displayed here. For example, sales are displayed against nominal code 001 and purchased is displayed as description against nominal code 112. 

Year Total

The report will generate month by month transaction details against each account code and group. In the ‘Year Total’ column, the total of the records is displayed.

Suppress Zero

If the balance is Zero against the nominal code for the selected period, the transaction will not appear in the Periodic Trial Balance by selecting ‘Suppress Zero’.

Toolbar Functionality

To Print, Save and email the report select the appropriate icon from the toolbar. To download the report select the excel option from the toolbar.

Print:      To ‘Print’ the reports select the printer icon from the toolbar. A preview will be generated as pop up. The reports will be printed from the printer connected to the local computer.

Excel:      To download the reports in MS Excel formats select the ‘Excel’ option from the toolbar. The reports will be downloaded into a local computer in spread sheet format.

Save:      To save the report select the ‘Save’ option from the toolbar. The reports will be downloaded to your local machine in PDF format.

Email:     To email, the report select the ‘Email’ option from the toolbar. A pop up will be generated.

                To: Enter the email address of the recipient.

                CC/BCC: Enter the email address if you wish to send a copy of the report.

                Subject: Enter the subject line of the email.

                Attachment: The report will be attached as a PDF. The recipient will select the attachment to save or download the report to the local machine.

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