Invoice Margin Report


We have introduced a new reporting option to check the margin of all invoices you have raised for your customer.

Please note the Invoice Margin Report will be generated based on the detail invoices, batch invoices will not be considered.

Accessing Invoice Margin Report

To access the ‘Invoice Margin Report’ select the Reports Tab and select Customer » Invoice Margin Report. The following screen will appear.


By selecting the Invoice Margin Report you will be redirected to the following browse with detail information related to all your invoices you have generated.



The invoice date appears in this column.

Doc No

The invoice number appears in this column.


The customer code is displayed under this column.


The customer name is displayed in this column.

Sales Value

The Sales Value of the product is displayed in this column.

Purchase Value

The purchase value of the product is displayed under this column.


The difference between the sales and purchase value is considered as margin. e.g. the sales value of the invoice is 100 and the purchase value is 80. Here the Margin (Sales Value –Purchase Value) is 20.

Margin %

The margin percentage is displayed here. e.g. Sales value is 100 and purchase value is 80. So the margin percentage calculation will be (Margin / Sales Value)*100. So here margin percentage will be (20/100)*100= 20

Customisation of Customer Invoice Margin Report 

The report can be generated two different ways. You can generate the report by invoices or by date range.


To include or exclude columns in the report select the ‘Advanced’ option. By selecting the ‘Advance Settings” option you can include date Doc No, Code, Name, Sales Value, Purchase Value, Margin and Margin% by using the column chooser. 


Sort: To sort the reports use the sorting option. You can sort the report by Date, Sales Value, Purchase Value, Margin, Customer Code and Customer Name. 



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