Time / Expense Listing Report


For service-based businesses, you may now record the time and expenses spent on customers and then invoice accordingly.  This enables you to better manage the productivity of collaborative teamwork and track the profitability associated with each customer. 

Time / Expense Listing Report

The Time / Expense listing report provides information on all the invoices that you have raised related to “Time and Expenses” for your business.  To generate the Time/ Expense Listing Report select Reports» Time and Expenses » Time and Expense Listing Report the following screen will appear.


                                                             Browser view of the Time/ Expense Listing Report

Date Range

Select the date range by using the calendar. By leaving the date range as blank, the report will populate all the invoices in the report.


Select the record type from the drop down. If you wish to generate the report separately for Time and Expense select the type from the drop-down. For e.g. if you want to generate the invoice report related to Time only select the type as ‘Time’. For Expense select the type as ‘Expense’. To generate the report for all the invoices select the type as ‘Both’.

Ref No.

The reference number which has been entered at the time of entry will appear in the report as Ref No.


The working hours allotted for the staff will appear in the hour’s column.


Net amount will appear in the report for both “Time” and “Expense”.


VAT column will show the VAT amount applied against expenses. Please note that VAT is not applicable for ‘Time’ records.


Gross amount is the total of the “Net” and “VAT” amount. Please note that difference will apply only in case of Expenses as VAT is not applicable for “Time” Account. 


The Invoiced amount will be displayed in the Invoiced column.


The staff name will be displayed in the user column.

Project Code

The project code will appear in the Project Code column. This code is created during the course of creating a project at the first place.


The work will be appearing as created while creating the Project or Time.


The customer code is displayed under the code column.


If any note is entered at the first places will appear in the Notes column.


The outstanding invoices related to Time and Expenses is displayed in the Outstanding column.

VAT Code

The VAT code assigned for the project at the first place will appear in the VAT code column.

VAT Rate

The VAT rate applied for a job is displayed under the VAT rate column.


The customer name is displayed in the customer column.


The project name is displayed in the project column.

Write off

The Write off amount is displayed in the Write off column.

Customisation of Time/ Expense Listing Report

To customise the report select the ‘Advance’ button from the reporting browse. By selecting the ‘Advanced’ option the ‘Advance Settings’.

Select the ‘Advance’ button from the reporting browse. By selecting the ‘Advanced’ option the ‘Advanced Settings’ pop up will appear on the screen. To include or exclude columns in reports use the column chooser. You can include or exclude the columns like Date, Type, Reference No, Code, Customer, Hours, Net, VAT, Gross, Write off, Work, Notes, Invoiced, Outstanding, VAT code and VAT Rate.

To sort the report from the Advance Settings use the ‘Sorting’ dropdown. The report can be sorted by customer code, customer name, Transaction Date, Project code, Project Description or by user.

You can also generate the report only for the outstanding invoices. To display the non-customer transactions select the ‘Include non –customer entries’ check box.   

For details see below:


                                                             Customisation of the Report

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