Invoice Backing Report


For service-based businesses, you may now record the time and expenses spent on customers and then invoice accordingly.  This enables you to better manage the productivity of collaborative teamwork and track the profitability associated with each customer. 

Invoice Backing Report

To generate invoice backing report select the Reports Tab» Time and Expenses» Invoice Backing Report the following screen will appear.

The objective of the Invoice backing report is to generate the reports related to the invoices of ‘Time & Invoices’ has been billed so far for the customer. The billed invoices for ‘Time & Expenses’ for the customer will appear in the ‘Invoice Backing Report’. To be more precise the report displays the Time and Expense Review Report.


The invoice backing report contains the following details.

Date Range

To generate the report for a specific range of time enter the start date range and the end date range.


The name of the customer is displayed here.

Doc No.

The Doc No is displayed here if any.

Account Manager

The selected name of the account manager’s name will appear in the account manager column.


The transaction date appears under the date column.

Ref No

The Reference no entered at the time of the transaction will appear here. 


The type of the transaction is displayed here. If the transaction is time-related the type will appears as ‘Time’. If the transaction is related to expenses the type will appear as ‘Expense’.


The total no of hours posted in the transaction for the customer will appear in the Hours column.


The total amount billed to the customer will appear in the amount column.


If there is any notes entered in the transaction will appear under notes column.


The customer code will populate here.


The default user is the logged in staff. The user name specified during the time of the transaction will appear as a user.


Once you select the customer code the name of the customer will automatically populate.


The net value of the bill will appear in this column.


The VAT applied on the invoice will appear under the VAT column. Please note that the VAT will be only applicable to expense transaction. In case of time VAT is not applied.


The Gross amount is the total of the VAT and the Net amount.

Invoiced Time

The total invoiced time for the customer displays in the invoiced time column.


If the allocated value is less than the invoiced value then it will be considered as a loss.


If the allocated amount is more than the invoiced value then it will be considered as profit.


You can sort the report by user, date, and type. You can also generate the report by totals only.

To specify the date range of the report, select the date range.

If you wish to sort the report by customer wise select the name of the customer. You can also sort the report by document number. Select the name of the account manager from the drop-down. 

By selecting the ‘Advance option’ select the Advance button the new pop up will appear. From the ‘Advance’ button use the column chooser to include or exclude columns in the report. To sort the report by user, date, and type you can use the sort options.

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