Time Statement Report


For service-based businesses, you may now record the time and expenses spent on customers and then invoice accordingly.  This enables you to better manage the productivity of collaborative teamwork and track the profitability associated with each customer. 

Time Statement Report

We have introduced a new report as ‘Time Statement Report’ to generate the statement considering the product as ‘Time & Expense”. To access the ‘Time Statement Report’ select Reports ˃ Time and Expenses ˃ Time Statement Report, the following screen will appear.


                                                                             Browser view of ‘Time Statement Report’

The following information will be displayed in the’ Time Statement Report’.

Time Statement of

In this section the customer’s name will be displayed.

Statement Date

Statement generation date i.e. the current date will display as ‘Statement Date’.


The transaction date will appear under this column.


Type defines the transaction type in the statement. It can only be Time / Expense as the product is considered as Time & Expenses.


The name of the staff will be displayed as ‘User’.


The project code used in the transaction for the customer will be displayed under the ‘Project’ column. 


The ‘Notes’ entered during the transaction will be displayed as ‘Notes’.


The KM entered in the transaction will appear under this column.




The invoiced amount will appear under this column.


The ‘Invoiced’ amount will be displayed here. Please note, if the invoice is written off (Fully) then the invoiced column will not show any figure. For e.g. if the invoice amount is 100 and if that is fully written off (Written off amount= 100) then the invoice column will show ‘-‘. If the invoice is partially written off e.g. 50 then the invoiced amount will 50. The calculation is Invoiced = (Amount – Written off).

Written Off

The written off amount will appear under this column. It can be the entire written off amount or it can be the partial written off amount.


The outstanding amount (unpaid/ un-allocated) will be displayed under the outstanding column.

Periodic Outstanding

The outstanding figure will show periodically to analyse. For e.g. if the outstanding amount has crossed 180days, then it will appear under 180+ days. The periodic range starts from 30 days and gradually up to 180 and more.     

Balance Due

The total due amount of the customer will appear as ‘Balance Due ’.

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