Pay Supplier Invoice Report


We have introduced a new function which will allow you to pay a series of outstanding purchase invoices by creating a SEPA file which may be submitted to your bank. This new feature is available as 'Pay Suppliers' under the ‘Banking’ menu. 

By selecting “All” from the ‘Print’ option a new report will be generated as ‘Pay Supplier Invoice Report’.


Cutomisation of the Report

To customise the ‘Pay Supplier Invoice Report’ use the ‘Advanced’ button. To include or exclude columns in the report use the ‘Column Chooser’ option. To sort the report use the ‘Sorting’ option as shown below.


The report can also be sorted by using the ‘Date Range’ by using the date picker or calendar. The report can also be sorted by the ‘Document Number’ by entering the range of document number.

Toolbar Functionality (Print, Save, Excel, Email)

To print, save, download and email the report use the options from the toolbar as shown below.



To print the reports select the ‘Print’ option from the toolbar. A preview will be generated and from the preview select the print icon to print the report.


To download the report in MS Excel format select the “Excel” option and the report will be downloaded to the local machine in Excel (Spreadsheet) format.


To save the select the “Save” option from the toolbar and report will be downloaded to your local machine in PDF format.


You can send the reports to your supplier by using the email option from the reporting browse. To email the report select the Email option from the toolbar, a pop up will be generated. Enter the following details in the respective fields as shown below.


Enter the email address of the recipient.


Enter the email address in the field to send a copy of the report.


Enter the subject of the email in the subject line.


The report will be sent to the recipient as a PDF file. The report can be saved on the local machine by opening the attachment. The recipient can also view the report simply by opening the attachment.

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